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the best pet-care professionals in hawaii!

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Our staff is second to none! The dog walkers and pet sitters of dogwalker etc. have been pet lovers for their entire life, and will treat your furries like their very own. Dogwalker etc staff are employees of the company unlike traditional contractors used by many pet care companies. Utilizing employees allows us to be a cohesive team with on going training and benefits provided for staff. We believe in nurturing a family like work environment where we continue to work together for our clientele! Learn a little about our current staff below, or:


Amanda C.

image of Amanda of dogwalker etc.

Amanda C. is a local girl born and raised in Hawaii. She earned an English degree from UCLA before moving to New York City for bit where she worked in a law firm. Amanda realized she missed the islands and moved back to Hawaii in 2016. Amanda grew up with an array of pets (dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, Jackson's chameleons, chickens and all kinds of birds. Fun fact: our mynah birds were trained to talk and could say their names, mimic ringing like a telephone and answer, "hello!”)!!

Cassidy K. Bio

image of cassidy k from dogwalker etc.

Cassidy K. Is a local girl born and raised in Hilo, HI. Cassidy joined the DWE team in early 2018 and provides dog & cat care services. This job is he perfect compliment to her life she says since her top loves of life are being outside and spending time with animals! She’s pictured here in action on one of our famous Doggy field trips!

Chelsea B. Bio

image of chelsea b from dogwalker etc.

Chelsea B. Joined the Oahu town area team of dog walker & pet sitters in 2018! Here’s a little from Chelsea on working at DWE “ I believe that every animal is unique and special and should be treated that way. I live an active lifestyle, and my time in Hawaii has given me an opportunity to see so many wonderful places in nature: every time I went outside to a waterfall, or a mountain top, or a beach it was an adventure and it made me realize that things we take for granted are often an adventure for your pet, and that’s an experience I want to be able to pass along to them. My commitment to your pet is to ensure that every experience that they have with me is a positive and fun adventure that will show them kindness and love.”

Fortuna Bio

image of Furtua Dogwalker etc. employee

Fortuna Is originally from Buffalo, New York and has lived in Hawaii for almost 30 years. She is a private chef by trade and also teaches private cooking classes. Her hobbies include yoga, bootcamp, travel, and is a member of the Honolulu chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Fortuna has loved animals her entire life. Among the pets she has had: Dogs, cats, a rabbit, turtles, gold fish, a toad, and a clam.

Hannah P. Bio

image of Hannah Dogwalker etc. employee

Hannah P. Originally from Colorado, is here in Hawaii studying at University of Hawaii at Manoa. She grew up in a house constantly full of animals and learned to love and care for them at a young age. She turned that admiration for our 4 legged friends into a super fun job with us at Dogwalker etc in 2019! She is always adventuring around the island, trying new things, and meeting new people.

Liz C.

image of Liz C. Dogwalker Etc.

joined the dwe team in 2018! She provides services for our Oahu south shore clientele. Liz is originally from Colorado but has called the islands home for over 30 years. Liz is a jack of all trades and in addition to dog walking she currently also operates her own small vacation rental cleaning business. When not hard at work you might catch her horseback riding or hitting the beach!

Lauren U. Bio

image of Lauren  dogwalker etc.

Lauren U. was born and raised on Oahu. She joined the DWE team in 2015! Lauren attended UC Irvine and earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Health. After graduation, Lauren moved back to the island & now works for the Department of Health. Other jb experiences include work as a veterinary technician for almost 2 years. When not working hard, you might catch Lauren hiking, going to the beach or cooking!

Melissa M. Bio

image of dogwalker Melissa

Melissa M. We are so fortunate to have Melissa join our team in 2019! Melissa is originally from the Central Coast of California where she was also a part-time pet sitter & dog walker. She enjoys everything outdoors and taking along furry friends makes work even better! Melissa’s other jobs/talents include hair stylist and dancing for a studio company!

Maureen K. Bio

image of dogwalker Maureen

Maureen K. grew up in Wisconsin, but moved to Hawai'i 20 years ago. She's lived on both Kauai and Oahu with her husband and their faithful companion, Morris the cat. Maureen truly loves anything outdoors, so finding this job was a no-brainer for her. When not working here, you can find Maureen hiking & biking all over the island. Maureen says of her job here: "I have fallen in love with every pet I've met so far!"

Shannon K. Bio

image of dogwalker shannon k

Shannon K. is a local girl, born and raised right here on Oahu. Shannon loves animals and believes every pet should have the best care possible. Her constant companions are her dog, Rocky, her kitten, Choco, and her rabbit, Kendra. WHen not hard at work, Shannon also enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and dancing hula.

Shirlee T. Bio

image of dogwalker shirlee t

Shirlee T. was born in Boston and moved to Hawaii in 1987 with her husband. They are raising their family on the south shore of Oahu. In addition to being a mom & running her husband's office (Shaka Engineering) Shirlee also enjoys the beach and running. Shirlee's true best friend & love of all time is her dog, Lokelani (pictured). Loke & Shirlee go running every morning together. When asked about this job, Shirlee says, "I look forward to sharing new experiences and getting to know more about pets!"

Robert G. Bio

image of dogwalker stella

Robert G. is a local guy born and raised in Kailua! We are so thankful to have him joining our team in 2019. Robert provides midday dog walking to our clientele in the “town” areas. His other jobs include investment manager for Prudential and selling e-bikes but being with animals is the best job by far! When not working hard you may find Robert hiking or reading a book at home.

Tara B. Bio

image of dogwalker Tara B

Tara B. is a local girl born and raised in Hawaii Kai. She attended Mid Pacific High school and then on to UNLV where she obtained her degree and also met her husband! Currently he is a serviceman in the U.S. Air Force and the pair were fortunate enough to get stationed back here in Hawaii. Tara has had dogs since the age of 4. Her babies (pictured, Pasiley and Sachi) are her whole world. Tara provides dog walking and pet-sitting care plans as well as our very popular private boarding service! Her home is an idea location with a fully walled-in yard and fenced-off pool, along with a doggy door for easy access to the yard all day! Tara is excited to be able to meet and bond with new pets as her job, and help families take care of their furry friends!

Aiea, Pearl City, Waipio

Gerhild D. Bio

image of dogwalker gerhild d

Gerhild D. has been a team member here ate DWE since 2009. Our clients adore her & we feel very fortunate to have her available for our clients! Gerhild lives & pet sits in the Aiea area, while also providing our luxury private boarding services in her monutain-top home. She has a gentler demeanor and that shows when she works with our clients. Gerhild & her husband have lived on Oahu for over thrity years. They happily share their home with their parrot Brando & two dogs Maui & Hapa (pictured).

Kandyce N.. Bio

image of dogwalker kandyce n

Kandyce N. has a deep love for all animals! This passion for animals led her to join our team in 2017! Kandyce’s past work/educational experience includes years as a veterinary assistant and her minor in zoology at UH Manoa. Past pets for Kandyce run the gamut from a silkie chicken named Fluffy to currently sharing her home with two lionhead rabbits (Maestro & Juniper)! Kandyce will give you total peace of mind while you’re away and can’t wait to meet your pets!

Crystal R. Bio

image of dogwalker Crystal R

Crystal R. We're so excited to have Crystal on our team! Born and raised in southern California, Crystal moved to Oahu in the beginning of 2017. She became a receptionist at an animal hospital fifteen years ago and has been working with animals ever since; performing vet-tech duties and teeth cleaning for pets! Crystal owns two loving and adorable dogs. Otter, a beagle mix, and Dexter, a Corgi mix. She enjoys surfing, snorkeing, and hiking.


Alex S. Bio

image of dogwalker Alex S

Alex S. moved to Hawaii in November 2015 to pursue a career in museum education. She currently works full-time at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.
Alex grew up in Kentucky and was raised with lots of pets, particularly dogs, but also cats and horses. Her parents currently have 10 dogs and 5 horses! (Don't worry, they have a lot of land) She is comfortable with dogs and other pets of all shapes and sizes and will work hard to take good care of your fur babies!

Chrissy K. Bio

image of dogwalker Chrissy K

Chrissy K. Has lived all over the world and has been living in Hawaii for over 22 years. She is retired from the Hawaii Air National Guard and is currently going to school full time. She is majoring in Information Computer Science-Cyber Security & Networking. She currently has 4 rescued pets: 2 dogs & 2 cats and has owned a wide variety of animals throughout her life: Mice, rabbits, ferrets, chickens, and many, many cats and dogs. She is shown here with her dog, Samson.

David H. Bio

image of dogwalker David h

David H. Bio coming soon!

Jennifer J. Bio

image of dogwalker Jennifer J

Jennifer J. Joined our Oahu dog walking team in 2018! Jen has lived on Oahu for over 20 years. After graduating from Mililani High School, she attended Penn State University and returned back to Oahu with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Jen has always loved having at least one dog as part of her family (plus other animals) and currently has the sweetest golden retriever named Keala. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends!

Lois H. Bio

image of dogwalker Lois H

Lois H. was born and raised in Massachusetts. She fell in love with Hawaii on numerous family vacations, retiring to Oahu in 2011 with her husband. They live on the Ewa Plain with Max the cat and consider this to be the best move they ever made. Over many years on the mainland she shared her home with dogs and cats, including golden retrievers, shih tzus, Lhasa apsos, and chihuahuas. Cats have included Siamese, Persian, Scottish Fold, and Ragdoll, as well as many domestic longhair and shorthair. Occasionally the dogs and cats were joined by assorted hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, and a goose. In Hawaii she likes to be outdoors to walk, averaging 5-10 miles a day. She looks forward to the opportunity to get to know and interact with people and their pets on the island.

Michelle B. Bio

image of dogwalker Michelle B

Michelle B. joined DWe in 2014. She's a pet lover who grew up in Florida and moved to Oahu with her husband and two daughters in 2006. Over the eyars they have been pet parents to hamsters, snales, turtles, bunnies, dogs & cats, and currently to Penelope, a MinPin, and Kiki, a rescue cat. With a BA in Psychology & a compassion for those with disabilities, her experience includes working as a vet technician, special-needs coordinator at the Doplhin Research Center, & skills trainer for children with autism. She has future goals of helping others through therapy dog work & is Pet First Aid & CPR Certified. She enjoys the beach, reading, & yoga, but especially the company of all the different animals she works with!

Michelle K. Bio

image of dogwalker Michelle k

Michelle K. is a local girl, born and raised in Hawaii. Michelle obtained her BS in Psychology and is also a Chaplain's assistant in the U.S. Army. Currently, she is the Army reserves and we're lucky enough to have her caring for our furry, leeward clientele. Michelle loves all animals and currently shares her home with two guinea pigs.

Nicole N. Bio

image of dogwalker nicole n

Nicole N. loves pets & is a natural care giver. She provides pet sitting and dog walking for our Mililani area, and clients just adore her! She has a calm way with the animals and they respond to her instantly. Nicole's other jobs include providing care for the elderly, so it's clear that she has a gift when it comes to nurturing. We are thankful to have her on our team!

Sharee O. Bio

image of dogwalker Sharee o

Sharee O. joined the Leeward DWE team in 2016! Sharee lives/works in the Ewa Beach area & has lived in Hawaii for the last 17 years with her husband and daughter. When not dog walking, Sharee spends her time being an awesome mom & studying to receive her online degree in mathematics. Sharee's furry family consist of their eighteen-year-old cat, "Manapua," & a seven-year-old dog named "Nalu," pictured here.

Sharon D. Bio

image of dogwalker Sharon D

Sharon D. comes to Hawaii from Brisbane, Australia. She & her family have been stations on Oahu since early 2016. They share their home with their beloved pup Misty, a 13-yr. old Border Collie. Sharon has previous experience as an assistant dog groomer as well as volunteering at the R.S.P.C.A. (pet shelter) When not working hard, you can find Sharon doing anything and everything outdoors from paddling to a good hike with the family.

Susan K. Bio

image of dogwalker Susan K

Susan K. joined the dogwalker etc’s Leeward team in 2018! An island girl, Susan was born and raised on Oahu in Manoa. She graduated from UH Manoa in 1986 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting. Her professional career, before becoming a full time Mom, was spent in both public and private accounting jobs. As a devoted wife and mom, their family now consists of 2 beautiful daughters and 2 cuddly guinea pigs! Over the years, their family has taken care of every animal imaginable from stray kittens to turtles and fish. When not caring for family and pets you might find Susan playing the piano. She is a classically trained pianist since age 8!


Cynthia P. Bio

image of dogwalker cynthia p

Cynthia P. Bio coming soon!

Cesar V.

image of Cesar, Dogwalker

Cesar V. We are so grateful to have Cesar join our team in 2019! Cesar has a great love of animals and thinks of work with pets as the best job ever! Cesar’s full time job is working for Queen’s hospital in their administrative team. We’re so happy to have him house & pet sitting for clientele!

Debbie C. Bio

image of dogwalker Debbie c

Debbie C. is a local girl born, raised, and living in Kaneohe. Currently, Debbie is employed with the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, but has plans for retirement, soon! She loves animals and is so excited to fulfill her passion of being a dog walker and caring for pets. Debbie also enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends and relaxing with Kiko, her spoiled cat. She is looking forward to providing compassionate and loving care!

Erin P. Bio

image of dogwalker erin p

Erin P. is originally from Ft. Worth, Texas, but has lived all over the states until finally landing on Oahu in 2016. Growing up with all types of animals, from dogs and cats, to guinea pigs and turtles, she found a natural adoration for them all. After spending several years in retail and restaurant management, she is grateful to now spend her days dog walking, caring for animals and exploring the island.

North Shore

Barb S. Bio

image of dogwalker barb s

Barb S. A local girl through & through; Barb is a Waialua grad and then went on to obtain her BS in Animal Science from UH Manoa. Barb grew up in Haleiwa and now is a home owner on that same stretch of beach that locals affectionately refer to as, "Turtle Beach." Barb's experience with animals is vast-ranging, from work woth the Dolphin Research Center, to raising a household of pets with her two grown sons during their childhood. When not hard at work you may find Barb snorkeling & collecting shells in her front yard of laniakea beach!


Erin G. Bio

image of dogwalker owner erin g

Erin G. became a business owner in 2001 when she started Dogwalker Etc! The company started out of her home by herself with a leash and an old pair of running shoes. Her desire to work with animals while enjoying the outdoors of Hawaii seemed to blend perfectly in this job, and so the adventure began.
Through the years, she's met lots of great people and their humans! They've taught her a lot about having trust, respect, & patience. For many years, she worked solo. Now, she has a wonderful team of sitters that allows her to always be available & make sure no pet goes uncared for. Erin's days are now mostly spent in the office answering phones, emails, and ensuring the smooth running of each and every pet-care assignment. She still enjoys getting out for the occasional cat sit or dog walk...she just can't resist!

Rachael M. Bio

image of dogwalker admin Rachael M

Rachael M. was born and raised in Australia, but has called the states home for over twenty years. Rachael obtained her BA in health administration and more recently, has gone back to school to study in a Master's Program. We're so lucky tohave her running the office and ensuring that everything is running smoothly for both clients and staff.